In the business world, we like numbers.  We like things we can measure: revenue, profit, customer acquisitions, sales growth, return on investment, etc.  But today I’m talking about passion.  I know…  Stay with me here.  Passion, when taken at face value – warm and fuzzy with all the feels – can be underappreciated in the business world. But the reality is, passion is what drives people.  It is what we tap into when we need the grit to push on.  Passion’s output is tangible.  That output is: customer and employee tenure, lucrative referrals, consistency, work ethic and so much more.

Passion led us here
Words written on the ground beside two sets of feet.

“People Who Chase Only Money Seldom Find It”

Venture capitalist, author, and Forbes Magazine contributor, Josh Linkner, has said, “People who chase only money seldom find it.”  It’s really not all about the money.  I love this article from Inc. because it drives home the point that most successful businesses start out as a passion project.  The business owner taps into their passion, and then, importantly, effectively communicates their passion to their team members.  It becomes self-sustaining, the passion fuels the business, which produces success, which takes the enterprise even further.

Finding an Edge

Richard Branson talks about how his passion for customer service is what drove him to launch Virgin Money in 1995.  He explains, he wasn’t particularly passionate about banking per se. He saw the opportunity to bring his passion for customer service to an industry not traditionally known for customer service.  And, it gave him an edge in the industry in the UK, Australia and South Africa.

We started Unified Global Solutions because we saw a similar need in the business telecommunications industry.  Small to medium-sized businesses need modern, reliable telecommunications systems – that’s a given – but they also need dependable, readily available customer support and ingenuity built around the needs of small to medium-sized business owners.  We are passionate about maintaining a smart, modern product offering that features rock-solid reliability coupled with a passionate customer focus.

Tapping into the Passion and Success of Your Clients

If you’re lucky, you work in a line of business where you can clearly see the success your product or service brings to the end user.  An obvious one that comes to mind is marketing.  Seeing a client’s business improve as a direct result of an ad campaign or other marketing work will drive that marketer.  Certainly, the marketer is looking at profit, and that is probably a core motivation for them, but I’d argue money is only going to take them so far.  Seeing the fruits of their labor bear fruit for their customer is going to fuel that marketer.  It will feed her/his passion to do and be more.  And, this becomes a win for everyone involved, including the future customers of that marketer.

What This Looks Like at UGS

I can tell you I tap into the success of our clients to drive Unified Global Solutions.  Staying in regular contact with our customers gives me the opportunity to watch them grow.  For example, we have a burgeoning multi-location physical therapy practice that uses our hosted PBX service. They recently shared how our enterprise platform enables them to transfer patient calls to the right geographic clinic.  They don’t have to burden the customer with taking down a new number to call to get where they need to go.

This client continues to grow their patient load and our texting feature gives them a quick and concise tool for simple patient communication.  The owner explained to me how this saves them time and provides more value for their patients.  The ultimate end user – the patient – receives a pleasant and user-friendly experience each time they communicate with our client.  This has helped the client acquire and retain customers.  Seeing their success inspires me to do more with Unified Global Solutions – continue to tweak, work to reach more customers, enhance our offerings, etc.  That’s passion in action.

Don’t Miss Out on the Passion

It feels good to be able to tell my customers, “Hey, we’ve got your back.  You go focus on the business. We’ll keep you communicating optimally.  Do you.  Keep growing.”  This fuels my passion.  It drives me to peak performance.  How about you?  Are you tapping into passion?  If not, I’m telling you now, you’re missing out on a resource there for the taking.  Strictly chasing profit is only going to take you so far.  Passion fuels us. It will transition to profit. Passion pays off.

Zachary Meyer
Live UGS. Die UGS.

Unified Global Solutions believes companies of all sizes should have access to professional, reliable business telecommunication systems that encompass innovative, informed and easily accessible customer service. UGS is honored to be a trusted partner to the customers they serve providing state-of-the-art PBX networks.  You can learn more about the UGS difference hereContact them to discuss your business today.